Apparel & Graphics Designer & Director

Creating Men's and Women's clothing, graphics and hardware, from concept to delivery.

Fashion branding, packaging and logos
U. S. ARMY® brand
A truly timeless and undeniably recognizable American Style.  The very core of the brand is military styled collection based on authentic details, trimming with contemporary garment styling for the US ARMY. Designed under the license of the U.S. Army.
U. S. ARMY® Knitwear
The origin of the Tee Shirt goes back to the days when the Navy was part of the U.S. Army. There was a need for sailors to have a comfortable, absorbent and easy to care for shirt when living on a boat or sub. Knitwear and tees have come along way.
U.S. ARMY branding elements
The collection for the U.S. ARMY® required all trim accessories to be developed anew. Inspiration came from the past military and contemporary sportswear hardware, labels, hangtags and embroideries.
MEMBERS ONLY men's outerwear
The Iconic brand of outerwear from the 80's needed a little rejuvenation. Everything from the logos to the fit needed to be updated. It was made new again for consumers that appreciated the heritage of the retro style.
JUNE was my first brand. There was a need for creative leathers in the sea of ill fitting missy looking styling selling everywhere. Enter... The Contemporary Market. Starting in 2002 I owned and designed this brand that sold in over 300 retailers across the U.S. and some of the best boutiques in Asia.
KENNETH COLE Men's Outerwear
A small sample of some work created while design directing for the Kenneth Cole brand of Outerwear
Purveyors of outerwear to Charles Lindburgh, the US Army in WWI & WWII. 2 years designing the collection and it gained popularity from coast to coast, like 'Lucky Lindy', across the pond.
BIG2DO H2O-repellent outerwear
Design and development of a new brand of Water-Repellent Outerwear for the high-end menswear market.
Artwork Examples
Drawings in Pastel and Scratch Board in a direct style without erasing. If you're a fan of Degas, you might see some of his influence on my style in these sketches
Keepz your Kuffs Up
Kuffzup is so practical, durable and easy to use. 'click' it on and keep your cuffs up off the ground and away from fraying.
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